Atheist Myths

10 Mar

No, this is not about myths that atheists believe in (that would be an oxymoron), rather this is what people view the stereotypical atheist as when the people have an ignorant view about them or what they’ve been told about atheists.

Atheists Have No Morals: covered in my earlier blog post of which it is explained further: :Morality predates scripture.  Atheism predates religion.  Any human can be good or bad, religion notwithstanding.

Athiests Spellcheck Too Much: For one, it’s “Atheist”, and if you can’t spell it correctly then what else do you not know correctly?

Atheists Believe In Satan: That would be against the definition of atheism, wouldn’t it?

God says atheists should be put to death: he also said that about children, gays, women, and other gods yet obviously you don’t do that… right? …right?

Atheists don’t know anything about the Bible: in fact atheists know a lot more about the Bible than most Christians, mostly because we read it and that’s why we became atheist.

It takes more faith to be an atheist: Actually, it takes no faith at all.

If atheists don’t believe in God, how can there be atheists?: This question has a flaw in its logic… see if you can find it.

**the following were suggested by M. Rodriguez **

Atheists eat babies: That would be cannibals.  And that’s a whole different end of the spectrum, my friend.

Atheists believe in nothing, and that we all came from nothing: Do you know what nothing is?  Also, even if there was lack of evidence to support it, why assume God?  By your own logic, God came out of nothing and created everything out of nothing so frankly I don’t see the problem if “The Big Bang” was everything out of nothing- which it’s not.  And by assuming we believe in nothing is incorrect: atheists believe in Life Before Death, to do everything possible in this life because it’s the only one we’ll have- also try to raise a family so that you can pass on what you have learned.


7 Responses to “Atheist Myths”

  1. M. Rodriguez March 11, 2013 at 5:05 am #

    you forgot, atheist eat babies

    and atheist believe in nothing, and that we all came from nothing.


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